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Joyce Collin-Smith has spent a life time working with the greatest spiritual masters of the last century. She began in the 1930's, studying the works of Rudolf Steiner, then began a period of 'listening to God' with Frank Buchman (founder of the Oxford Group and Moral Rearmament); she moved on to Pak Subuh (the Indonesian mystic and founder of Subud);  before spending six years with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi being initiated by him in the practice of Transcendental Meditation in his early days in the West. She then moved on to ideas of the Fourth Way, introduced by the mystic Gurdjieff with her brother-in-law, Rodney Collin (author of The Theory of Celestial Influence), working and travelling with his Gurdjieff/Ouspensky-inspired group in Mexico. Joyce has remained one of the U.K.'s leading Astrologers and Tarot readers for decades, as well as been an esoteric writer and spiritual teacher of her own development groups. Joyce's fascinating experiences are recorded in her autobiographical work 'Call No Man Master'.

The Pathless Land is the fruition of a lifetime's work emerging from the one who has herself emerged from the shadow of great spiritual masters. The tremendous range and depth of this work takes you through the spectrum of esoteric experience from Astrology to Zaphkiel. This is a classic text from a true master, one who has known and practised with the greatest gurus and enlightened teachers. ‘The Pathless Land’ will not take you step by didactic step to a promised Nirvana but will take the place of a wise and learned friend, gently helping you find your own way. The land of the inner plains has no signpost and no paths, the way is yours alone to find, guided only through the yearning to grow. No master but self-mastery, no path but your own, aided by this book, a masterpiece of gentle wisdom, to illuminate the way.

A second edition of Call No Man Master with photographic illustrations is now available.

‘A wonderful book, truly illuminating.’
Johnny Fincham ‘Britain's Greatest Hand Reader’-author of ‘Palmistry Today’

(Daily Mail).

‘An immensely impressive book, and a
worthy follow-up to her classic
autobiography CALL NO MAN MASTER’

Colin Wilson

Discoveries, Tools & Beauty

For reasons that I am not quite sure of I nicknamed Joyce Collin-Smith to 'Miss Marple of the Occult'. Perhaps it was because, like Agatha Christie's famous figure, she has got on in her years, but has retained a very sharp wit? Or perhaps even more because she is very much to the point in a similar kind and gentle, but firm, fashion? Or was it because she has found out things that many others, in spite of hearing from them, have not really discovered?

The Pathless Land is written in an 'unobtrusive' way. One of my first impressions was that Joyce Collin-Smith is not selling me any of the ideas she is writing about. She says it herself by asking the reader to test her knowledge and not to believe. This approach had an interesting effect on my reading of the book - I started to make discoveries myself!

The book is full of the writer's own discoveries, which she openly wants to share with the reader - as her friend - and she has a lot to share. Joyce Collin-Smith's search with the questions 'who am I?', 'what am I supposed to be doing?' and 'what do I want?', which she writes in the first paragraph of Chapter One, led her into contact with many teachers of the way. She got deeply involved with the different teachings, and when she had learned what was taught, she managed to get out of the teacher-pupil situation and was able to go on her journey in the 'pathless land', where no other man than each of us in ourselves is the master.

Her online book 'Call No Man Master' was an autobiographic book. 'The Pathless Land' contains the results of a lifetime's search for truth.

It is a beautiful book!

Reijo Elsner, Denmark