I have a limited number of books available for purchase. These were Joyce's own copies.
These are new books that Joyce kept aside ready to sell herself.

All books are priced the same - regardless of age/cover price/edition/version - and are packed and mailed individually.

  CNMM First Ed

Call No Man Master £9.99 (Gateway Books 1988).


Call No Man Master 1988 + Shipping Charges

CNMM Portuguese


Call No man Master £9.99 (Editoria Siciliano 1993). Believed to be in Portuguese.


Call No Man Master 1993 + Shipping Charges



Call No Man Master £9.99 (Second Edition. Authors OnLine 2004).


Call No Man Master 2004 + Shipping Charges



The Pathless Land £9.99  (Authors OnLine 2004).


The Pathless Land 2004 + Shipping Charges


 Of Fire and Music £9.99 (Kempton Marks 2006).


Of Fire And Music 2006 + Shipping Charges

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