CNMMJoyce Collin-Smith

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This is the fascinating story of a woman's life and spiritual search that touches on all the great esoteric movements of the last century. Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, her brother-in-law Rodney Collin, and other spiritual supermen fired Joyce Collin-Smith's imagination from a young age and she literally 'sat at the feet' of many such masters and esoteric teachers.

Joyce is a former Fleet Street journalist, from a long line of journalists and writers (including her great grandfather, William Hartley who first initiated in his book: 'The Philosophy of the Human Mind', the possible existence of two brain hemispheres).

Among many amazing experiences, she recounts following the Indonesian mystic Pak Subuh; driving the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi round London in her car when he was virtually unknown, and later heady days when he swept up Mick Jagger, Mia Farrow and the Beatles in the flower power era.

Her zest for living, her traumas and tragedies along the path, and her lively sense of humour make this a riveting read.

‘A minor classic. I don’t have the least doubt that it will still be read in a hundred years from now’
Colin Wilson